You Won’t be Going Anywhere with these Wrist Restraints!

Maybe you’re looking to heat up the passion in the bedroom. Maybe the very thought of being bound gets you in the mood. No matter what your reasons are, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to add custom wrist restraints to your bedside arsenal. For some, the sensation of being bound or restrained sparks a flame from within that cannot be extinguished.


When it comes to wrist restraints, everyone prefers a different style; from the hot, sensual feeling of leather against your skin, a unique lambskin touch or the titillating reacting that you get from fur, you can create a special erotic friction with our custom wrist restraints.


Our wrist restraints also appeal to more than just that one very important sense. For the fashion minded, we offer various color, materials, stitching, styling and hardware so you can create the wrist restraints of your fantasies.


If the thought of having a one-of-a-kind wrist restraint doesn’t get you off, maybe that fact that you can custom fit them, add décor and get them at a price that you can’t find anywhere else will.


Dare to explore your fantasies and enter into a world that you have only seen from the outside. Remember, sometimes indulging in the unknown is exactly what you need to create truly mind blowing experiences. Start off your next encounter with custom wrist restraints.