Welcome to our Collar Customizer!

Here you will be guided through steps of customizing your own unique collar. During each step you will be presented with a unique visualier image that will show what your finished item will roughly look like.

Please make sure that you have measured your neck properly prior to proceeding (keep in mind that we do not offer returns of exchanges for our custom-made items). 

If you are planning on using your collar for HEAVY PLAY we recommend that you choose REINFORCED attachments on your collar to ensure that your item is made with extra durability and security. Reinforced options are offered for Double Strap colllars only (due to the fact of how those items are made), however a single reinforced attachment by buckle can also be accomodated on a Single Strap items. 

If for some reason you are having trouble continuing to the next step, please Refresh your browser page.

Welcome to our Collar Customizer!

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