Top Collars - The Most Influential, Leather-Bound Individuals in History Part 1

Collars, like the BDSM style, have evolved over the years. Great men and women of fashion drove this evolution. Truly our style owes these amazing trendsetters. Although we know The Collar Shop would still be down here, leather cuff bracelet and collar tight; we might not be where we are today if it wasn't for these remarkable people.

Rob Halford - In the late 70s, Rob Halford brought biker and S&M leathers to metal music. He stood studded and leather clad as his powerful vocals rocked fans. His music is enjoyed to this day, and so is the leatherwear he gave us.

Larry Townsend - Being the author of the Leatherman's Handbook and Run Little Leather Boy earns Larry Townsend a place in our style's history books. His place in the movement solidifies it. He was more than fashion though. Townsend was an educated and trained psychologist who brought thought to the leather movement.

Joan Jett - She loves leather just like she loves rock 'n roll—all wrapped in it—, and we love her for it. Joan Jett is one of the first women to defy the demographic of leather, showing the world how women love and support leather. She shows it, too.