This page will help you with the most common questions that we are asked. Please contact us only if you do not see an answer listed here. If you have a question to which there is no answer below, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ORDERING: Is it really that important to measure myself before i order? Open or Close

    Yes. Finding your size only takes a few seconds, and it will ensure that you get the right fit. Please make sure to use flexible tape to obtain the measurement. Please do not measure existing items (and use that number as your size).

  • ORDERING: What if I an between sizes? Open or Close

    We do offer "I am in between sizes" option on most collars and cuffs. Checking that option will ensure that your item is made by 0.5" (1.27cm) longer than the size you originally specified.

  • ORDERING: Do you have any animal-friendly leather alternatives? Open or Close

    We currently offer black rubber as an alternative to leather for the outer material of your collar, and a wide variety of stylish faux furs that could be used as an inner lining or an outer layer (available on some custom items).

  • ORDERING: Do you take special request and designs? Open or Close

    yes, we do make special orders that are not offered in the "Make My Own" section. The best way to go about it is to email us with the description and reference images of what you are looking for. We will review your request and will get back to you. You can also visit our Gallery page if you need design ideas or inspirations.

  • ORDERING: Do you have any nickel-free alternatives? Open or Close

    all of our non-silver hardware that you will see during the design process of your custom item will be nickel free (base material of those hardware items is brass alloy and should be a good choice for those with nickel sensitivities). All of the hardware we carry should be listed on the appropriate page (closures and attachments). If the option you are looking for is not listed, we most likely do not have it and will not be able to get it. Please make a selection from the options that are listed.

    Important: closure selection vary significantly by the item width. If you are looking for a particular closure option, experiment with the item width to see if you can find that option you want in the size it is offered (1" width on a single strap items will always offer the most versatile options).

  • ORDERING: Will the backs of my studs/lettering/gems show on the inside? Open or Close

    only if you make a custom item that does not have an inner linng

  • ORDERING: What's the difference between the lambskin, suede and faux fur inner lining? Open or Close

    A common misconception about the lambskin is that it has a fuzzy, suede-like texture. In fact, the lambskin feels like a very soft, almost silken leather. It is made from a lamb hide, and most customers report that it is very comfortable. If you are not sure of your skin's preference, this the option we would recommend. This is also the easiest of the inner lining options to care for using our leather care selection.

    Our suede is amazing to the touch and comes in some beautiful colors. It does take more care than the other inner lining options, as it does not hold up to the natural skin oils and/or cleaning quite as well.

    The faux fur is a synthetic fabric blend that is generally very soft and fluffy, and has a pile that ranges from 1/8" inch to a little over 1/4".

    You can also visit out Gallery page and look at the different inner lining selections that you will see (there is quite a few) to get a better idea of what each option looks like and to get an idea of which one you might prefer. You can also search for a keyword of your interest (such as lambskin, suede, red leather, etc) to see more relevant examples.

  • ORDERING: What forms of payment do you accept? Open or Close

    The Collar Shop accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and pre-paid debit/gift cards with either a MasterCard or Visa logo on it.

    For purposes of discretion and privacy, all packages will have “AGB Inc.” listed in the return address, and all payments will also be processed as “AGB Inc.

  • AFTER ORDERING: I ordered a wrong item/size, what can i do? Open or Close

    Since our items are hand crafted just for you, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on these items unless they are defective. Items ordered with incorrect incorrect size cannot be refunded or exchanged. If you still need an item with the correct specifications, we recommend making a new order.

  • AFTER ORDERING: I just placed my order but I have not received the tracking number yet Open or Close

    The tracking number will be issued once your order is completed and the package was shipped. Until then there is no tracking number we are able to provide.

  • AFTER ORDERING: I have not received my order yet, can I get up update? Open or Close

    When you placed your order you should have received an email confirmation. There you will find an estimated production turnaround time (the time it will most likely take for us to complete your order). If you have not received an update by end of the estimated turnaround time, that means we are running a little behind and your order is not ready yet. Please be patient. Allow additional for additional 2 weeks after the timeframe time before reaching out to us about your order. We are doing the best we can to keep up with production. Once your order is completed it will be shipped right away and you will be notified. The less "where is my order?" email we receive, the more time we have to actually complete your order.

  • AFTER ORDERING: I placed an order a while ago and I have not heard any updates yet. Is there an issue with my order? Open or Close

    If we have an issue with your order, you will be contacted via email (and if unsuccessful, via phone) right away. If you have not heard from us, there is no issue with your order and we just need little more time to complete your custom item(s). Please also see additional information in the “I have not received my order yet, can I get up update?“ topic above.

  • AFTER ORDERING: I have placed an order but used the wrong delivery address. I updated the delivery name and address on my account, is that all I need to do? Open or Close

    Updating the delivery address on the account will not update that info on the existing orders (it will only come in effect on future orders that you make). Please contact us at right away with your order number and provide us with an updated name and address. If we do not receive this information via an email, your order will be shipped to the delivery address that was provided on the original order.

  • SHIPMENT ISSUES: Tracking number says my package was delivered, but I did not receive it Open or Close

    We recommend that you reach out to the delivery company* and ask them to provide the geolocation scan of the delivered package. This is essentially a GPS coordinates that are generated when the carrier scans the package just before dropping it off at the final destination. Once you have the answer from the delivery company, please contact us at and let us know what the answer is. Once we have an answer from the delivery company we can decide how to best assist you with your order. Please don’t forget to include the order number in your email (it will be hard for us to help you without it).


    * If the delivery company is USPS, the best way to obtain the need information is to visit the branch closest to the delivery address (that services the zip code of the delivery address) and ask to speak to the supervisor.

  • SHIPPING: Do you offer discreet shipping? Open or Close

    Yes, all of our orders are shipped in plain packaging. Package contents will not be disclosed on the outside of the package*. Our company name, "The Collar Shop", will also not be displayed on the package.

    * For the international packages we are obligated to disclose the package contents on the shipping label (for the customs). The contents description will always appear as "leather goods".