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Leather Collars in Pop Culture: A Symbol of Fashion, Identity, and Self-Expression

While the leather collar’s origin lies deeply rooted in the BDSM lifestyle, its reach has now extended far beyond, making a marked presence in mainstream culture and fashion. Numerous celebrities and public figures have been seen wearing these accessories, transforming them from an intimate symbol of a specific lifestyle into a popular fashion statement.

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Custom Collars for Subs: Diverse, Durable, and Distinctly You

Navigating the multifaceted world of BDSM can be a delightful journey of self-discovery and self-expression. As we embrace our unique identities within this sphere, we often find ourselves drawn towards accessories that reflect our individuality, preferences, and desires. Custom collars for subs serve as a prominent symbol of this self-expression, embodying the dynamics of power, trust, and mutual consent that form the core of BDSM relationships.

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Unique Personal Collars and Leather Cuffs: Expressing Individuality in Style

There is no greater statement of personal identity and individual style than donning unique personal collars and personalized leather cuffs. More than just tools for restraint and control in the fascinating realm of BDSM, these accessories have transcended their initial functional boundaries and have morphed into powerful symbols of trust, consent, and personal expression.

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The Art and Craft of Custom BDSM Leather Collars

As we delve into the intimate realm of personal expression, we often find ourselves drawn to the tactile allure of quality materials, as much as the symbolic significance they hold. Few accessories within the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) possess such significant dual-nature as custom BDSM leather collars.

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Make A Bondage Cuff be your Intro to BDSM

Enter into the growing and sexy world of BDSM with a fresh new custom bondage cuff from The Collar Shop. You can be new to the scene or well versed in the kinky arts to take advantage of the customizability options that are available when creating your very own bondage cuff. Whether you bust out the cuffs every once and a while you if it’s a big part of your regular sexual behavior, you can find a cuff that will satisfy you desires to the smallest detail.

When taking part in a little rough trade, make sure that your cuffs can handle it! Our customizable bondage cuffs can withstand all types of abuse because they are made of high quality leather or other types of vegan friendly material, so everyone have enjoy the possibilities that bondage cuffs can provide.

Do you have a kink that involves restraint? Then a bondage cuff is exactly what you need to add into the bedroom. A bondage cuff is quite possible the least intrusive, most comfortable and most accessible bondage accessory you can have, which makes it a great introductory tool to BDSM.

Each bondage cuff is totally customizable and secure. Whenever you create bondage gear from The Collar Shop, you have a multitude of options when it comes to your colors, styles, stitching, lining, and attachments! Add rings so you can use padlocks in the bedroom as well! The possibilities are endless, meaning that each bondage cuff you create is going to be one of a kind.

Have you ever had to the desire to see if BDSM is right for you? Then get off to a good start with the use of a custom bondage cuff from The Collar Shop! Shop today and start creating your very own custom bondage color with the use of our creation tool!

What Does a Bondage Collar Mean to You?

If you are interested in purchasing a bondage collar, chances are you are in a relationship with a dominant that is very much willing to make you their exclusive sub. As you know, this symbolic purchase is very important to the current state and future of your relationship. There are a lot of attributes that can be altered when creating a bondage collar at The Collar Shop because we want to be able to provide you with the exact collar you want and one that probably won’t be duplicated. The look, the comfort and the symbolism of a collar are our first priorities. 

If you are interested in purchasing bondage collars for a little play time, we can create something awesome for you as well! The amount of customizability that is available while creating your bondage gear at The Collar Shop is unequaled.

We cater to all types of lifestyles here at The Collar Shop. No matter if you are in a D/s relationship or just looking to add a little kinky fun to the relationship you’re already in, we are able and willing to supply you with the hardware you need to help represent a bond or fulfill a fantasy.

Interested in what we have to offer? Check out our bondage collar creation tool here and see how your collar is going to look before we make it. Browse through the dozens of different color, sizing, and accessory options that are available with each item we make.

We have fur options, ring options and stud options on top of the already excessive color and stitching options we offer; couple that with the ability to get the perfect size, width and style for the base of your collar and you are pretty much guaranteed to get a collar that is one of a kind.

Let us help you find everything you need to fulfil what your lifestyle requires. 

2015: Time for Sexy Resolutions

With a new year, there are new sexual adventures you can go on to make 2015 the hottest year of your life. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of new ways to get down in a new year, but here at The Collar Shop, we’re going to plant some seeds so you can sew some new sexual exploits.

If you are just using bondage cuffs and it gets you off, why not graduate to some newer and more restrictive (and fun) bondage gear? The Collar Shop is chock full of awesome custom bondage gear that can help get anyone off.

If you are into cuffs and collars, why not give leases a shot in 2015?! There are plenty of fun scenarios you can explore with the help of a leash that you might not be able to experience right now. The same goes for a belt!

Nothing is off limits in 2015. Make a point to try something new at least once a month. This will make you keep intimacy on the mind, thus increasing frequency of encounters; and hey, you might just find something you like!

Time for new toys! Mix things up a little bit with some new foreign objects, the best piece of gear you have ever owned is just a few clicks away now a days, so take the plunge!

Be more open with your partner. Even if you have a great sex life, you may not be as open as you should be with your partner about your wants, needs and desires. In 2015, try a little harder to get your feelings out there. Who knows, they might have the same fantasies you do!

More bondage gear. Need we say more?

Too Tied Up During the Holidays?

There are far too many excuses not to get intimate during the holiday season. With the stress that goes along with preparing your house or packing or buying gifts, evening if you’re having a smaller get together for the season, it can still take a lot out of your. Unfortunately, one of the first things to suffer is your sex life. What’s crazy is that sex is one of those few things that can naturally relieve stress and release dopamine and oxytocin in the brain.

Regardless of the scientific fact that getting down when the stress is up, bedroom playtime takes a back seat to gift giving, cleaning, and other responsibilities that seem to take over during the most festive time of year; couple that with kids, parents and others who can spoil sexy time, a lot of folks just tend to keep it in their pants.

But hey, that’s no fun. There ARE ways to get kinky despite the arrival of Chris Cringle. First, make a game of being quiet! Whether it’s whippin’ out the ole’ ball gag and bondage collar or forcing a sub not to say a word, silent sex can be enjoyable to all!

Change locations! Don’t want someone to walk in on your tying up your partner? Take it to the car, closet or some other inconspicuous place there you can get down on the low down.

Whatever you do, don’t resist your urges this season! You’ll be able to relieve stress and have a lot more fun than you normally would. Grab a bondage collar, cuff, gag, whip or whatever and go to town! 

Leashes Unleashed

Tired of being tied down to a supplier who doesn’t understand your needs? Want more out of your bondage gear than cheap, flimsy, uncreative leashes? With something as serious and fun as bedroom play, why would you waste your time with something that isn’t of the highest quality? And with something that you’ll be using as often as a BDSM leash, why not get something that matches your personality?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of some adult stores on website – you may be feeling restricted by the options you have for the things you want to be restricted by. We’re a little different here because we know what you want from your bondage gear.

If you find another BDSM leash online, you might see that it’s plain, one color, maybe a little bit of hardware, but nothing to write home about. With The Collar Shop – you can customize your BDSM leash to your heart’s content!

The more personality you can unleash into the bedroom the better! Make a one of a kind leash! Customize it down to the size, color, accessories and more! Make your intimate experiences better with quality and customizable BDSM leashes from The Collar Shop!

One of a Kind, Just Like You!

You may have seen one of your favorite musicians or actors wear a belt that you can find anywhere. You search online; go to the mall, but you still can’t get the right like that you’re looking for. Good thing we came along. You shouldn’t be restricted to what some company thinks would be most popular, you should be able to get a belt, cuff, or collar that you want.

Each bondage belt that we offer is fully customizable! From beginning to end, you can put your personality into the bondage belt you’ve always wanted! In a world where customizability is key, how come it’s so hard to get custom clothing and accessories? With us, you can get a custom bondage belt with all the bells and whistles.

Choose the size, width, color, linings and more. The same options that you get with our cuffs and collars are the same that you’ll find with our bondage belts – with some extra custom options as well.

You can be assured that you’ll have a one of a kind belt. There are so many options when you are creating your belt, you’re going to have to take some time and find out what design is perfect. So go ahead! Take the time and see what belt is perfect for you!