Understanding the Misunderstood

Those not involved in the BDSM community are quick to judge those who are in it. Those who don’t understand are the most brutal and harshest critics. While as time goes on people are more understanding of our lifestyle, there are still those who fear something that isn’t scary. Granted, a popular book series may have brought this lifestyle into the public consciousness more than any piece of media or art before – but there are still those who have misconceptions about the way we live and the way we love.

It’s a reflection of human nature. If you are introduced to something that is completely foreign to you, you might not be all that accepting of it. But with growing acceptance of other types of lifestyles and the increasing openness from people who would have been ostracized a mere 15 years ago, many of these “underground” lifestyles have not only become accepted into the mainstream, but have garnered lobbying power.

So remember, it’s a good thing to be proud of who you are. Wear your BDSM collars with pride. Maybe one day, those who don’t understand our community will realize that we have a special way of showing our feelings, showing our love, and enjoying the bodies that we are in. Be comfortable, follow your instincts and be yourself – you’ll lead a much happier life if you don’t let others get you down.