Top Collars - The Most Influential, Leather-Bound Individuals in History Part 2

Last time we looked at some of the pioneers of our culture - those willing to be free with their bodies and minds and expose the population to what goes on in our lives. Whether it’s wearing leather cuffs, bondage collars; these celebrities has brought up a dialog about the BDSM lifestyle in an effort to teach those unaware about our diverse and wonderful culture.

Madonna – How could we forget her 1993 video for Justify My Love? This erotic foray into BDSM was the first time many have seen some of the gear used in the video. This video, while shocking to some, was a milestone in our world.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – 50 shades before 50 shades (sort of), Maggie starred in Secretary, the story of a girl entering into a sadomasochistic relationship with her boss. Adapted from a short story; this features has everything that you would expect and more. Maggie became a community icon after this film’s release.

Rihanna – Will naming a song S&M guarantee you a spot on this blog? Not necessarily, but bringing attention to our community and becoming an icon to people of all sexual orientations will. Rihanna is someone who has to power to bring these important topics and discussions to the forefront and lead the way in promoting understanding and acceptance.