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Understanding the Misunderstood

Those not involved in the BDSM community are quick to judge those who are in it. Those who don’t understand are the most brutal and harshest critics. While as time goes on people are more understanding of our lifestyle, there are still those who fear something that isn’t scary. Granted, a popular book series may have brought this lifestyle into the public consciousness more than any piece of media or art before – but there are still those who have misconceptions about the way we live and the way we love.

It’s a reflection of human nature. If you are introduced to something that is completely foreign to you, you might not be all that accepting of it. But with growing acceptance of other types of lifestyles and the increasing openness from people who would have been ostracized a mere 15 years ago, many of these “underground” lifestyles have not only become accepted into the mainstream, but have garnered lobbying power.

So remember, it’s a good thing to be proud of who you are. Wear your BDSM collars with pride. Maybe one day, those who don’t understand our community will realize that we have a special way of showing our feelings, showing our love, and enjoying the bodies that we are in. Be comfortable, follow your instincts and be yourself – you’ll lead a much happier life if you don’t let others get you down.

Top Collars - The Most Influential, Leather-Bound Individuals in History Part 2

Last time we looked at some of the pioneers of our culture - those willing to be free with their bodies and minds and expose the population to what goes on in our lives. Whether it’s wearing leather cuffs, bondage collars; these celebrities has brought up a dialog about the BDSM lifestyle in an effort to teach those unaware about our diverse and wonderful culture.

Madonna – How could we forget her 1993 video for Justify My Love? This erotic foray into BDSM was the first time many have seen some of the gear used in the video. This video, while shocking to some, was a milestone in our world.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – 50 shades before 50 shades (sort of), Maggie starred in Secretary, the story of a girl entering into a sadomasochistic relationship with her boss. Adapted from a short story; this features has everything that you would expect and more. Maggie became a community icon after this film’s release.

Rihanna – Will naming a song S&M guarantee you a spot on this blog? Not necessarily, but bringing attention to our community and becoming an icon to people of all sexual orientations will. Rihanna is someone who has to power to bring these important topics and discussions to the forefront and lead the way in promoting understanding and acceptance.

Top Collars - The Most Influential, Leather-Bound Individuals in History Part 1

Collars, like the BDSM style, have evolved over the years. Great men and women of fashion drove this evolution. Truly our style owes these amazing trendsetters. Although we know The Collar Shop would still be down here, leather cuff bracelet and collar tight; we might not be where we are today if it wasn't for these remarkable people.

Rob Halford - In the late 70s, Rob Halford brought biker and S&M leathers to metal music. He stood studded and leather clad as his powerful vocals rocked fans. His music is enjoyed to this day, and so is the leatherwear he gave us.

Larry Townsend - Being the author of the Leatherman's Handbook and Run Little Leather Boy earns Larry Townsend a place in our style's history books. His place in the movement solidifies it. He was more than fashion though. Townsend was an educated and trained psychologist who brought thought to the leather movement.

Joan Jett - She loves leather just like she loves rock 'n roll—all wrapped in it—, and we love her for it. Joan Jett is one of the first women to defy the demographic of leather, showing the world how women love and support leather. She shows it, too.

Collared to Quality

If you take your relationship seriously, then you are probably in search of the highest quality and most customizable collars available. We know that whether you are role playing or if the collar plays a significant role in your relationship, you don’t want to have a shoddy bondage collar. With such significance associated with collars, having one that is cheaply made is quite disparaging.

When we created The Collar Shop, we set out with one goal: to provide quality, durable custom bondage collars at an affordable price. As you can see through our customizer tool, we succeeded. Just wait until you have one of our collars in your hand (or around your neck).

The quality is unmistakable. You will never have to settle and purchase a poorly made bondage collar again once you feel the superior craftsmanship that you get from The Collar Shop. We also offer so many different kinds of materials, colors, accents and accessories that no 2 collars are ever the same, just lie how no 2 people are ever the same.

You can make a bondage collar suitable for any occasion or any relationship. Collaring your sub? Want to try something kinky? The Collar Shop is up for anything and we have the resources and materials to make virtually anything that you can think of.

If you are new to the BDSM community, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to go through trial and error in finding a quality bondage collar that you are happy to call your own. If you are an old guard, then you know how important it is to own a collar that has personal significance to you, is irreplaceable, and is made with quality that will make it last a long, long time.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled quality at an affordable price. We offer the most options with the best materials. Don’t be fooled by others who make cheap bondage collars with subpar stitching and other defects. It’s not worth it. Go for quality, go for The Collar Shop.

Fun, Sexy, Safety

Bondage cuffs are a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. Whether you are new to the BDSM lifestyle or entrenched into the culture, safety is always important. You already know that pain and pleasure can go hand in hand, but no one wants to have a serious injury on their hands.

Some bondage cuffs of old caused abrasions that no one thought was hot. Metal bondage cuffs can dig into the skin causing a less than desirable experience. Unless having metal being dug into your skin is your thing (which is totally cool if it is) then you are looking for bondage cuffs that offer maximum restraint without leaving unsightly marks on your wrists.

Our modern bondage cuffs are lined with fur, which is a lot more exciting that a potential unwanted laceration waiting to happen. The sensation of fur on your wrists while your arms are being held back actually makes the whole experience much more exciting! The gentle touch of fur lined inside your custom made cuff is absolutely unreal.

The feel of fur or leather is not only exciting, but safe. Fighting back a little bit against the restraint shouldn’t be painful. Unlike metal hand cuffs, bondage cuffs allow you to squirm around without leaving marks on your wrists and arms.

Leather bondage cuffs also last longer, making them a better investment – couple that with them being totally customizable makes them the safest and sexiest types of restraints.

You know what’s also fun? Experimenting! Because there are so many different styles of bondage cuffs that we offer (at affordable prices) you can see which widths and styles you like without it costing an arm and a leg! And as the case with our comfy cuffs, it literally will not cost you your arms or legs.

Interested in getting affordable, comfortable and customizable bondage cuffs? Check out our customizer and see how we can help your experience pleasure you’ve never had before for a price that is just as pleasurable. 

What Collar Do You Need?

Each stage of your relationship requires a different type of collar. At The Collar Shop, you can create custom collars, so you can get the right collar for the appropriate time in your relationship. There are several types of BDSM collars you can create, each with their own meaning.

A Collar of Protection is the type of collar a submissive would wear if they were being protected by a dominant. If a submissive is coming off of an abusive relationship, for instance, wearing this collar gives them time to heal and allows the dominant to protect them.

A collar of Consideration is a collar worn if a submissive and dominant are starting a new relationship. Generally, these collars are worn for a certain period of time before the two either part or move on to the second BDSM collar which would be…

The Training Collar which is offered to the submissive by the dominant. Think of this as “going steady”. The relationship is becoming more serious and the submissive is becoming more a part of the dominant’s life. This is the time to work out disagreements, make rules, etc… before the final BDSM collar is presented.

The Formal Collar, or slave collar, is the final step in a dominant and submissive relationship. This is the ultimate bond between the two and show complete submission to the dominant by the submissive. The collar is usually presented as a part of a ceremony and is a representation of the relationship.

No matter what step you are ready to take, The Collar Shop is here to let you make the most personalized collar available.

Don’t be Restrained by a Lack of Options!

The Collar Shop is all about making your fantasies come true. When you shop for bondage collars at other places, you are often restricted by colors, patterns stitching and other options that repeat users of this site are already used to having.


When you have an idea for a bondage collar, nothing should stop you from making something that is as personal as that. A lack of options is something that can destroy your vision of the perfect collar. We don’t want to destroy your vision; we want to fulfill your fantasy.

The great thing about our bondage collar builder is that there are so many options available that virtually no collar will ever be the same! Why be restricted by a lack of options? Why not be restricted by the custom bondage collars you make?!

It’s all too often we hear stories by new customers who have purchased bondage collars from other providers but were underwhelmed by options, material and quality. We have gotten many compliments by these same people who now have the exact collar they wanted!

Stop living in a world where you can have your fantasies fulfilled! Design a truly custom bondage collar today!

Symbolize your Relationship with Custom Fetish collars

rs5Your relationship isn’t run-of-the-mill which means your fetish collar should be anything but normal. How you represent your relationship is as important as the relationship itself, and whether you are entering into the world of erotic humiliation or teaching a new sub, the fetish collars we have to offer go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.


If you have any colors or styles that mean something to you, chances are we have it and you can add it on to your custom fetish collar. Leather, fur or lambskin? The choice is yours as you create the collar that is perfect for you or your slave.


Fetish collars can mean a lot in a relationship and time should be put in to every aspect of the collar. We strive to provide as many options as possible when it comes to creating your own fetish collar; including stitching, hardware, etc.


Fetish collars are more than just a fashion statement or an addition to what you can use it the bedroom; it’s a symbol of trust, submission and loyalty. So, do your research and get collared today with The Collar Shop. We can help you create your own custom collar that perfectly represents you and your relationship. 

You Won’t be Going Anywhere with these Wrist Restraints!

Maybe you’re looking to heat up the passion in the bedroom. Maybe the very thought of being bound gets you in the mood. No matter what your reasons are, you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to add custom wrist restraints to your bedside arsenal. For some, the sensation of being bound or restrained sparks a flame from within that cannot be extinguished.


When it comes to wrist restraints, everyone prefers a different style; from the hot, sensual feeling of leather against your skin, a unique lambskin touch or the titillating reacting that you get from fur, you can create a special erotic friction with our custom wrist restraints.


Our wrist restraints also appeal to more than just that one very important sense. For the fashion minded, we offer various color, materials, stitching, styling and hardware so you can create the wrist restraints of your fantasies.


If the thought of having a one-of-a-kind wrist restraint doesn’t get you off, maybe that fact that you can custom fit them, add décor and get them at a price that you can’t find anywhere else will.


Dare to explore your fantasies and enter into a world that you have only seen from the outside. Remember, sometimes indulging in the unknown is exactly what you need to create truly mind blowing experiences. Start off your next encounter with custom wrist restraints.

What Makes a Quality Bondage Collar?

When it comes to leather goods, there are plenty of products out there that claim to be quality made, but few can stand up to the standards The Collar Shop employs on each of their products. In order to produce a fine leather product like a bondage collar, belt, or wrist cuff you need to start with the right materials.


Many companies try to pass off cheap bonded leathers that lack the suppleness and feel of a true leather. The Collar Shop uses higher quality materials like top grained lambskin which is prized for its softness and ability to hold dyes. Each hide goes through an oiltan process in which the hide is tanned once with a chromium salt, dyed with the color of your choice and finishes with tallow to give a rich oily or waxy look. This process ensures the leather is dyed through and protected.


Lesser quality products may only have a surface dye treatment that can easily scratch or fade, or be made from a rough leather that lacks flexibility. In addition, inexpensive hardware is often used on lower quality leather goods. These metal parts may discolor or break with continued use. The Collar Shop only uses reliable clasps and rings to ensure their collars will last longer.   


In addition each collar The Collar Shop produces is hand trimmed around its edges to create a rounded feel for added comfort. This finishing step can make a big difference when it comes to creating a collar that is comfortable for all day wear.