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Ordinary Collars vs. Custom Collars: What is Best for You?

Ordinary Collars vs. Custom Collars: What is Best for You?

When planning to make an investment in a collar, what thing should you first consider? While you could go to a store and buy any old collar, why not design one on your own? On suited to perfectly fit your personality and taste? No one else has the same ideas  as you, so why not manifest them in the form of a custom leather collar? Buying a run-of-the-mill collar will never fully suit your needs. How could it? By going custom you are able to see your dreams turned into reality in just a few clicks. Here are some things to consider before deciding on whether or not to just buy what’s available or go custom:

What is the difference?

The difference between an ordinary collar and a custom leather collar resides in every aspect of the actual product—the quality, customization, look, feel, sizing, and much more. With a custom leather collar you know exactly what you are getting, and can rest assured that you are receiving the exact product that is in your mind’s eye. An average collar that is bought at a store has no way of possessing the perfect fit, exact materials, or meeting the needs that you want it for. So why not get the best? While collars available in-store may claim to be quality materials, there is no way of knowing and there is a high chance you might be overpaying for a product that just doesn’t cut it. With an ordinary collar you might be paying for leather, but getting something synthetic. You might think you’re getting quality metal hardware, when you’re actually getting cheap products that will irritate you, your pets, or other loved ones.

The power is yours.

At The Collar Shop we empower our customers by providing them with all of the virtual tools they need in order to create a work of art—their own custom collar. The questions are extensive and the options are plenty, ensuring that your collar has a perfect fit, built in adjustablitly, and is created out of the materials you choose.  With the “Build Your Own” collar option there is no need to settle for something that is merely good enough; get exactly what you want and deserve. We provide a variety of faux fur linings, several quality leathers, and premium hardware in order to make the customization possibilities vast and wide reaching.

What are my options?

Aside from the broad selection of quality collar-building materials, we provide for any type of collar need our customers might have. Are you in need of a cat collar? Dog collar? Human collar? There are many options for every lifestyle; we offer selections for Gothic collars, slave collars, BDSM collars, or any kind of personalized collar. Where the options are limited to what’s in stock at the store with an ordinary collar, with The Collar Shop you can let your imagination go wild.

Once you’ve considered the options, its clear why a custom collar is the only option when compared to an ordinary, store bought collar. A custom leather collar is suited directly to your tastes, customized by you, while an ordinary collar is produced for the masses. You’re unique, and your collar should be as well, no matter your personal style, intended use, or lifestyle. It’s time to get creative!